“My mother always said I had to have the last word”

- Karl Steiger, 2008

The aim of the Book of Lasts is to provide a band diary of sorts over the coming years, and to enable fans of the band to get to know more about The Malfated on a more personal level that normal interviews do not allow. There isn’t much content at the moment but we’re hoping for a lot more in 2008. The beauty of the Book of Lasts is that the questions literally concern themselves with the last things thought, felt, created, done, seen, touched, tasted, heard, and experienced, by the The Malfated. Opinions are liable to change over time, and questions may be asked again at a future time with a completely different answer, yet answered questions, even those likely to cause embarrassment at some later stage, remain here permanently. It’s called ‘honesty’. Enjoy.

The last girl I slept with? That would be telling... though I’ll say that it wasn’t a meaningless one night stand. Good things come in those who wait

Every question has been sent in by a fan of The Malfated, put in a bucket and chosen at random during the interview. Got a great ‘last’ question of your own that you want answered? Send it in via email or MySpace. We’ll put it in the bucket with the rest.

Book of Lasts - Karl Steiger: 25th May 2006

Book of Lasts - Karl Steiger: 19th February 2006

Book of Lasts - Karl Steiger: 24th February 2005

Book of Lasts - Natasha Spencer: 19th January 2005

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