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Welcome to the part of malfated.com we store our candy in. Feel free to use whatever you like, both online and on your desktop. If you have any suggestions regarding stuff you feel we should put here, don’t hesitate to write in or mention something on our Guestbook. Remember - it’s okay to accept our sweeties. We’re no longer strangers.

‘Pimp’ your profile or desktop with some shit-hot Malfated crap.

Page Pictures

Make your MySpace page or blogs look even hotter with some delicious Malfated pictures. They link to our very own MySpace profile, so it’s a good way to let people know what they’re missing out on.

AIM Icons

Add one of these Malfated AIM Icons to your AIM Messenger for all your ‘buddies’ to see. Spice up your cybersexlife.

Extended Network Banners

Cover up the annoying ‘Extended Network’ text on your MySpace profile with one of these rather nice Malfated EN banners.

please note:

The completion of this area of malfated.com is ongoing, so stay tuned for new updates. We’d just rather you had access to some stuff while we sort out the rest of the stuff!

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