The Malfated eStore is now open for business. We believe that you will be totally satisfied with any purchases you make, and want you to know that by ordering something you are taking The Malfated a step nearer to releasing more music. We thank you in advance. We exist because of people like you.

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is it true that you donít charge for postage, shipping or packaging?

We do not charge for postage and packaging. We still have to pay for it ourselves though, which is why we charge a little extra for signed items - the additional money made on signed items is used to pay for postage and packaging, so that you donít have to.

where does the money go?

All money made from music and merchandise sold is plowed back into the band. We use it to make back money spent creating the music and merchandise in the first place (this money comes out of our own pocket), and whatís left goes toward recording and releasing more music, paying for the upkeep of malfated.com, purchasing necessary equipment, and covering other band-related expensives. We donít keep any of it for ourselves. Without the purchases made by you we would not be able to continue creating music.


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