You are the Camp Malfated army.

Go forth and multiply, like the prettiest of cancers.


we are all... the malfated

Camp Malfated is a little bit like Camp Crystal Lake in those old ‘Friday The 13th’ movies, only instead of Jason Voorhees lurking in the woods watching you, it’s us - and we’re on your side. We mean all of that in a metaphorical way, naturally, but ‘Camp Malfated’ is your area of malfated.com. Everything contained here is interactive and designed with the view of you getting involved. Make yourself comfortable, dim the lights, and click one of the links below to find the page you’re looking for.

‘Mark of Malfated’ Tattoo Area

Some people get Malfated stuff permanently tattooed onto their flesh and send us pictures of the results. Go here to view them.

The Malfated & Me

Malfated fans pictured with members of The Malfated.

mailing list

Add yourself to our Mailing List so we can keep in touch with you directly and let you know what’s going on with The Malfated. Aside from buying Malfated CDs, this is the single most important thing that you can do when it comes to supporting The Malfated.

malfated map

Add yourself to the Malfated Map, post a shout out to the band or other fanatics, put up a picture of yourself, or post a forum thread. Stand up and be counted! The Malfated Map enables us to let you know if we’re near you.

malfated @ yahoo

Have Yahoo! Messenger? Add the screen name malfated to your buddy list and we’ll send you little pieces of news from time to time. Please know that neither Karl nor Natasha use this to chat on and that this is a news service only.

promote The Malfated

Go here to find a simple guide to becoming a promoter of The Malfated. Without you The Malfated cannot exist, and all help is greatly appreciated.

band fliers

Print them off, pin them on walls, hand them out! To friends, to strangers.

contacts area

Official Malfated mail and email contact addresses..

hate mail hell

The malfated.com trash can, good for a laugh.

stay tuned

This area is currently being refurbished and is far from complete. Please check back at a later time for more resources, and let us know if you think of a resource not currently available, and we’ll see what we can do.


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