Welcome to our humble statistics page. This area is for anyone who wishes to know the viewing figures of online Malfated websites, whether as a member of the media or simply as a fan of the band. If you’ve been helping to promote The Malfated, we hope you enjoy seeing the numbers on this page get bigger and bigger!

malfated.com does not use a web counter to show website ‘hits’. Web counters often tell lies. The figures can be altered at the touch of the button, thus the website you think has a million hits may only have had ten. We don’t see the point in using one.

Statistics for malfated.com are taken from the original log files, collected by our server. Here we provide two kinds of statistics for malfated.com. Unique visitors. This analysis summarizes multiple page impressions of an individual visitor into unique visits. A visitor is counted only when bringing up more than one page and taking no longer than 30 minutes between individual pages. People who looked at the first page only were not counted. Page views. Only fully loaded pages are counted. Individual images and components are not included.

Last updated: 1st October 2007

Page views: 279616

Unique visits: 154064

Last updated: 7th October 2007

MySpace figures change every few minutes. For current figures pay a visit to http://www.myspace.com/themalfated

Song plays: 202283

Page views: 200674

Page comments (non-blog): 19013*

Picture comments: 16223*

Friends: 35752

* As of April 2007, page and picture comments are not being counted. MySpace now have the policy of deleting past posts, and as the page loses thousands of old posts we see no relevance when it comes to keeping tabs on the amount of posts currently there. Song plays, page views, and friends, will continue to be updated.


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