the malfated: band

The Malfated is an ongoing musical project set up by Karl Steiger in 2004 and based in London, England.

With lyrics as sharp as Sweeney Todd’s shears and a musical modus operandi that would give John Lennon’s corpse an erection, The Malfated set about raising the standard of songs amongst the so-called musical ‘underground’.

As the main songwriter, producer, singer and instrumentalist, Karl Steiger is the driving force behind The Malfated and the only constant member. Saying that, various musicians have contributed, and continue to contribute, to The Malfated.

The Malfated were one of the first UK bands to appear on the new breed of social networking sites that began appearing on the Internet under the’Web 2.0’ monicker. Their music publicly debuted on MySpace in 2005.

This lead to many established acts vocally supporting The Malfated’s work.

On the 6th of June 2006, The Malfated released their debut album, Rat Candy. True to their roots, The Malfated produced, designed, wrote, recorded, pressed, printed and published their album on their own.

Quite a lot of people bought it via the Internet. Not because they saw The Malfated perform on Top Of The Pops. Not because they saw The Malfated on MTV. They bought the album because they saw the The Malfated and the music for what it was: fresh, exciting, truthful, and fucking great.

Throughout 2007, The Malfated aired a bunch of very popular songs via the web. A lot of people went nuts for what they heard, and were frustrated that they couldn’t purchase the tracks. Some of these songs will be released as singles during 2008.

The Malfated are currently recording their second album. By the end of 2008, work will begin on the third Malfated album and the band will be filming a solitary music video on the Sunset Strip. Why? They heard there were hot girls there or something.

What happens next is up to you...

the malfated: ethos

Ever heard the story of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’? The ‘fairy tale’ where a couple of con merchants ‘make’ the Emperor new, ‘invisible’ clothes? The Emperor is in fact naked - there are no clothes, it’s a sham - but the Emperor won’t admit it to himself and nobody wants to point it out to him. He roams the streets, starkers, as the gathered masses applaud, complimenting him on his amazing, fashionable, expensive new ‘clothes’. Nobody wants to be be the doomed bastard who points out the obvious, risking ridicule or even death, instead finding comfort in the herd, going along with the lie, bowing to peer pressure and general consensus.

Then, unexpectedly, one little boy goes against the grain, exlaiming, “the Emperor is naked!” It only takes one person to find the courage to say it, and others follow his lead, laughing at the Emperor, pointing, jeering. “He’s right, the Emperor is naked! It was all a lie!” The Emperor leaves, bollock naked, embarrassed. Nobody can deny, in truth, the fact that he is bare-arsed, and how can he execute everybody?

That little boy? We are that little boy. Never mind the bollocks, fuck the bullshit, we are The Malfated, and the Malfated are more than a mere rock and roll band - The Malfated are a way of life.

the malfated: more

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