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The Malfated Museum was set up with the purpose of making sure people who get into the band at any stage can see things that they might have missed. Stuff that doesn’t quite fit with the main web site, but that we believe will interest people interested in The Malfated. A lot of band web sites don’t contain much in the way of old stuff that would be of interest to die-hard fans, presumably because old photographs and miscellenia don’t fit in with whatever genre they’re currently trying to sandwich themselves into. We know what it’s like to be fans - a love of music is the reason we create it - and we want to make sure that fans, old and new, of The Malfated have access to past stuff without having to go looting fan sites. Welcome to the Malfated Museum - you don’t need a ticket. If you’re trying to track down something that isn’t on the main website but not here either, give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do.

The Malfated, 1998

Candid photographs of Karnelian, the musical beast that would become The Malfated.

The Malfated, 2003

Pictures of Karl Steiger and then-guitarist Paul Tovell.

The Malfated: banned in China

Was it something I said?

karl steiger with short hair!

Who’d have thunk it? A picture of a young Karl Steiger sans the long black locks.

first ever front page of malfated.com

The original 2004 Flash intro to malfated.com, designed by then-guitarist of The Malfated, Paul Tovell. Features sinister cartoon visions of Karl Steiger and Paul Tovell. How things change...

menace to sobriety

Proof that Karl Steiger has always been, well, a bit of a rascal...

the malfated - direct to your mobile phone

Archived News: The Malfated join the Twitter network.

bizarro author supports the malfated

Archived News: Bizarro editor, and author of ‘It Came From Below The Belt’, tells it like it is.

google spanked!

Archived News: Semi-censored by Google - access to malfated.com restricted.

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