Some public figures have taken it upon themselves to comment on The Malfated. The fools! Here are their own words....

Bradley Sands

Bizarro author

“The Malfated conjure images of cans of soda performing back alley nose jobs, death-defying bartenders, and DJs dying in battle. Their songs can often be described as keyboardilicious. Their bass guitar takes you to a higher dimension, one where black is a vibrant color of the rainbow. Highly recommended.”

Ginger Fish

Marilyn Manson, Martyr Plot

“I appreciate what The Malfated are doing. They have my full support”

Count Smokula

“Vundaful! Gawjus! Unbelievable! The Malfated’s music = Shakespeare meets a buzzsaw! The best!”

Julianne Regan

All About Eve, Mice

“[Karl Steiger is] a young Nick Drake”

Neil Hannon

The Divine Comedy

“The Malfated are my new favorite band”

Steven Marque

Lords Of The New Church, StevenMarque Society

“Karl Steiger is the new P.T. Barnum”

The Company of Strangers is a masterpiece”

“The Malfated make music with which to co-ordinate your hedonistic death by misadventure... Cocaine & Callgirls make the rocking world go round”

Caroline Milmoe

Actress: Coronation Street, Poirot, Bread, et al

“Karl Steiger is a sick cunt - that ‘Fred West’ song is fucking disgusting”

On a more serious note, The Malfated wish to thank those who felt we were worthy of comment. Cheers, big ears!

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