The Malfated

because you’re awesome and we’re nothing without you

Some musicians rely on the money of ‘men in suits’ to further their musical careers. Many bands rely on huge billboards, drinking buddies in the magazine world, big expensive glossy advertisements in magazines, and television propoganda.

The Malfated, however, rely on YOU to spread the word so that we can continue to make music.

Yes, that’s right - you. Here are some simple ways that you can help to promote The Malfated.

join the Malfated mailing list

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own Malfated CDs

If you’re promoting The Malfated to other people but don’t own our music yourself, they’re unlikely to take your advice and get one for themselves. Don’t own the new Malfated CD yet? No problem. Click here to treat yourself to a copy. When you buy a CD you are helping us recover the money it cost us to make it, and moving us a step further toward creating and releasing the next Malfated album.

add yourself to the Malfated Map

Let other Malfated fanatics know that they’re not alone by adding your details to our map. It will also enable us to let you know when we’re doing something in your area. Click here to add yourself to the Malfated Map. Once you’ve added yourself, you can also, if you wish, post a photograph, create a shout out to the band or other fanatics, post what The Malfated mean to you, even create a forum thread.

mention The Malfated on ALL of your profiles

Mention us by name in your profiles under general interests, musical interests, etc. Let people see that you support The Malfated. By making sure we’re mentioned on EVERY profile that you have, you are ensuring that ‘The Malfated’ gets into the minds of as many people as possible.


    Here is a list of possible profiles you may have that we would encourage you to mention The Malfated on - though if you have profiles not listed here don’t hesitate to add the band name to those as well:   MySpace, Yahoo!, AOL, Facebook, MSN, Suicide Girls, Orange, Tribe, LiveJournal, Lycos, Xanga, Dark Starlings, Vampire Freaks, deviantART, Friendster, YouTube, Findagoth, Orkut, Frappr, Iconator, NetGoth, Last.FM, Audioscrobbler, Blue Blood, Pure Volume, 43 Things, DeadJournal, DiaryLand, EZ Boards.

    If you have these or any other profiles, please mention The Malfated on them.

blog about us in your journal

Spread the word about The Malfated using your online diary, whether you use a site like LiveJournal or blog on a site such as MySpace. Whether you’re reposting Malfated news and bulletins, posting a CD or song review, or simply recommending us to your friends, everything helps.

add The Malfated to your friends list

If you haven’t already added us to your myspace profile as a friend, please do so now by visiting Post comments on our page and pictures, listen to our music player, and keep in touch.

write ‘The Malfated’ in your favorite music section

Make sure you add the band name to your favorite music list - even if you already have a Malfated banner. Text will come up in a search, whereas a banner won’t.

add Malfated buttons, banners and goodies to your myspace profile

There are tons of things for you to add to your myspace profile and you can get hold of them by clicking this link. All codes are provided so it’s as simple as can be! Use our free goodies to make your profile even more awesome than it already is, while simultaneously promoting The Malfated.

add The Malfated to your friends list

If you haven’t already added us as a LiveJournal friend, please do so now by visiting  Post replies to all journal entries and read the journal regularly.

list ‘the malfated’ as an interest

Make sure the interests area of your LiveJournal profile mentions ‘the malfated’. Go here:

stay tuned

This area is currently being refurbished and is far from complete. Please check back at a later time for more resources, and let us know if you think of a resource not currently available, and we’ll see what we can do.

trade website links with

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on myspace? put us in your ‘Top 8’

Enable your fans to get into The Malfated by putting us in your ‘Top 8’. It’s also a great shortcut for when you want to pay a visit to our profile. Our MySpace url is

name-check The Malfated in interviews

Use your influence to make people aware of The Malfated. If you have a band profile with a ‘Sounds Like’ segment, name-check us!

list The Malfated as an influence

If we have influenced your band in some way, let it be known!


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